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How we can save small businesses?

Welcome to SaveFloridaBusiness.com

First off, we hope that you and your loved ones are keeping healthy and being smart by observing Government guidelines.

These are frightening and uncertain times for our hospitality industry, our restaurants, and lodging properties, and for businesses around the country - not to mention the millions of employees and families who depend on them. The future of these vastly important businesses depends on the decisions that are being made right now.

We must act immediately.


At SaveFloridaBusiness.com, we have made it our mission to assist American small business owners in weathering this storm that is the COVID-19 virus outbreak. This virus outbreak has forced restaurants, bars, hotels, and many other businesses to close down with no financial support or recourse. Simultaneously, the US government has made it mandatory for small businesses to continue paying employees sick leave during this time, even though these businesses are unable to effectively generate revenue.

This dedicated website (SaveFloridaBusiness.com) has been set up to rapidly serve your business's needs, to better equip you and your team, and to help you get your messaging out there in the most efficient and profitable way - to reconnect you with YOUR customers.

Online Ordering and Shopping

With the Government-mandated closure of retail shops, dine-in restaurants and other "non-essential" businesses, it is imperative that your business has the ability to take orders and payments online.

Online ordering gives businesses the ability to receive and execute customer orders directly from their existing website in an efficient manner. Customers may then carry out orders from a business's location or have the order delivered should the business provide delivery services.

This additional functionality is available to all SaveFloridaBusiness.com members who wish to opt-in.

Need Online Ordering? Let your clients order directly from your website and promote food and drink specials. If you do not have online ordering & need a solution:

Payment Processing

Having the ability to process payments directly from your business's website provides a huge advantage for your company and improves security for your customers. If your business needs assistance processing payments online, more information is available upon member sign up.

Additional financial savings opportunities

Our team at HIVE V.O.C. is made up of seasoned industry veterans who have walked the walk and have used their expertise to help dozens of restaurants maximize their profitability.

  • Restaurant Procurement
  • Social Media Management Kits
  • Restaurant Payroll
  • Restaurant Consulting and Coaching
  • Labor Optimization

More information related to these offers and services is available upon member sign up.

Small business patrons

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